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Nursing Students, this is the only study tool you'll need.

Reduce the overwhelm by keeping everything you need in one place. 

Create clean, easy-to-read care plans. 

All online in one easy-to-use tool.

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You keep asking yourself and your instructors: 


 “When will it all come together?!”


"When will it all make sense?"


"When will all this information match the practical skills?"


"When will I feel like I know what I’m doing?!"


"When am I going to feel like a nurse?"

For most students, it won’t just fall into place. 


When you can see the big picture from the start, you can put all the pieces in place and understand how they fit. Then you get a better grasp of your patient’s health and the diseases in real practice.   


NurseMuse can help you see the big picture – the whole patient – the disease – and better comprehend what is happening. 


With NurseMuse,


  • No more struggling to manage books, flashcards, pocket guides, notes, etc. – Everything is in one place!

  • Learn through daily use and repetition.

  • This Care Plan Creator makes care plans readable, printable, and easily accessible at all times.

  • Stay organized and prepared with patient documentation, assessments, and educational resources all in one place. 

  • Be ready for NCLEX by improving your critical thinking skills, evidence-based practice, patient safety, decision-making skills, and more.


Everything you need, all in one place!

Available to Nursing Students and Nursing Programs* 


Get your Monthly Membership now!

Nursing Students: $20/month

Nursing Programs: $15/month per Student 

(Group rate for 10 or more students)

Try it now to see how it will organize your study methods and support your education. 


7 Day Free Trial when you sign up!


*Also useful for Nurses in practice who are changing units, specialties, or refreshing their skills!

Sign up for your monthly membership now! 


Use NurseMuse all through Nursing School to be NCLEX ready at graduation. 


NurseMuse is a practical and invaluable tool you will want throughout the length of your nursing program. Use it from the beginning of your program to get the most out of your learning experience. 


"I have never seen a more intuitive study tool that can gather and organize information as NurseMuse. Also having the ability to personalize each care plan created to each user's demands is invaluable to be included in this learning device. To introduce this platform to any curriculum, research, or study regimen will efficiently benefit anybody that uses it."

- Paul Buenaflor, RN

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