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Redefining how nursing students collect patient data & learn nursing concepts.

Now you can simplify how clinical information is collected, review medical diagnoses, interventions, and rationales right in one place.

It’s all at your fingertips!

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Nursing school is a balancing act like no other. Course work, studying, care plans, clinicals… It’s intense and overwhelming. It moves fast and you have to keep up. 


You find yourself juggling books, pocket guides, and flashcards. Anything you can to help you remember all of the medical and nursing diagnoses, rationales, interventions, labs, etc. 


You’re thinking “How can I carry all of these and get my clinical data to write my care plan before clinical in the morning?!” Not to mention have them during clinical and take care of patients. 


Now you can!

All Resources At Your Fingertips!

All of your patient documentation, assessments, care plans, and essential learning materials are now in one invaluable resource. 

NurseMuse is here to eliminate the overload, stimulate your learning, and improve your workflow. 

You can collect all the data, create your care plan, and print it with everything you need in one easy-to-use web-based platform. Repetitive use will enhance skills like: 

  • Critical thinking 

  • Incorporating evidence-based practice 

  • Understanding rationales 

  • Practical implementation of procedures 

  • Safety 

With consistent use, NurseMuse will help nursing students: 

  • Trigger decision-making skills 

  • Develop stronger connections between interventions and direct care 

  • Promote more positive patient outcomes 

  • Have more positive learning experiences

  • Grasp difficult concepts like pathophysiology, pharmacology, medical terminology, and more 

  • Increase NCLEX pass rates 

Designed by Nurse Educators, Advocates, and Mentors with Nursing Students and Nurses in mind.


Will this help me pass NCLEX? 

  • NurseMuse is designed by nurses and nurse educators to help students start implementing commonly-used concepts from the first day.


  • NurseMuse focuses on repetition and frequent use of these concepts throughout the nursing program to make them second nature rather than more things on the list to study. 

How does this benefit nursing programs? 

NurseMuse will: 

  • Strengthen nursing programs through increased student interaction and pass rates as well as increased NCLEX scores. 

  • Students will have a better understanding through repetition from Day 1 of the program that will positively reflect on the nursing program overall. 

  • Nursing programs will incorporate NurseMuse right into their programs to keep students engaged and interactive before, during, and after clinical rotations.

  • No more hard-to-read, handwritten care plans. 

Is this for practicing nurses? 

  • Practicing nurses can benefit as well. If you’re changing units, specialties, or expanding your nursing skills, NurseMuse will help you refresh concepts and interventions you might not be using in your current specialty! 


"The site is really good. It will provide an easy way for student nurses and seasoned nurses to reference disease processes, the possible nursing diagnosis, and interventions, as well as medications. It is easy to navigate and there is a lot of information at your fingertips. I think this will help future nurses learn to get their “nurse brain” on."

- Niccole Phillips-Nunn, LPN

If you’re a nursing student who could benefit from a program to help keep you organized and learning as you go through the nursing program and clinicals, NurseMuse is for you. 

If you’re a faculty member who believes this would be a great benefit to your students, NurseMuse is also for you! 

Find out how you can get started with NurseMuse and improve your nursing program today!

NurseMuse is a web-based platform built for nursing students by nurses!

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NurseMuse is the new way of learning and designing nursing care plans for nursing students.



NurseMuse allows students to:

  • Develop clinical judgment

  • Enhance safe decision-making

  • Describe how medical diagnoses relate to nursing diagnoses

  • Create nursing diagnoses based on clinical data

  • Choose appropriate nursing interventions to promote positive patient outcomes

  • Explain rationales and logic behind nursing care plans to guide clinical decisions


Nursing schools integrate NurseMuse into their curriculum to keep students engaged and interactive before, during, and after clinical rotations.

Struggling to connect medical diagnoses to nursing diagnoses to nursing interventions to rationales and expected outcomes?

NurseMuse is a quick one-stop-shop to find lab values, interventions, pharmacology, pathophysiology.

NurseMuse allows students to use evidence-based, clinical decision-making skills and strategies starting on Day 1 of the program.


Nursing students will use NurseMuse to develop reasoning behind their interventions and care, have quick access to common concepts needed for safe care at the bedside, and rationales for all nursing actions.


Why should practicing nurses use NurseMuse?


It is always a great idea to refresh your memory on certain concepts that might not be in your current specialty area. If you plan to change units, or expand your nursing skills, NurseMuse will help you refresh those concepts and interventions!

Why should nursing schools subscribe and integrate into their curriculum?

This is a care plan template that is structured, organized, and allows students to input clinical data throughout the clinical day. At the end of the day the students complete the care plan and print to turn in for homework. No more hard-to-read hand-written care plans that are not organized. NurseMuse allows for input of free text for students to create individualized care plans for all patients.

Over time, students will begin to understand and link concepts that promote safe, effective nursing care across the lifespan.


Why should nurses subscribe and integrate NurseMuse into their study habits?

NurseMuse allows you a one-stop-shop to review pathophysiology, pharmacology, medical terminology, medical and nursing diagnoses, all while linking these to specific nursing actions and rationale. The NCLEX tests clinical decision making, and this tool will help the student expand upon the decision-making skills he already possesses.

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